Some of the questions I've been asked prior to photographing a wedding include...

How many cameras will you bring?
Actually this is not a question Iíve been asked, but absolutely a question I would ask. Normally Iíll shoot with two cameras, one with a wide lens, and another a telephoto. However, Iíll have at least two more cameras / lenses as backups with me.

Are you going to get in the way of the ceremony?
By default I try not to, but ultimately this is your choice. If you want me to shoot from the sides, I will.

Please can you take spontaneous pictures of the guests and the participants rather than just posed?
Yes, I normally try to do this during the time between the ceremony and the meal.

How much is this going to cost?
My pricing can be found here. Weíll generally agree a certain amount of time, or for example from the ceremony to the first dance. 

Can I see some of your previous work and/or hear from some customers?
A small selection of photos Iíve taken on previous weddings can be found on my portfolio page, and some testimonials from previous couples here.

What sort of photography do you do?  Candid, formal or both?
I try to shoot a variety. Although as a preference Iíll shoot more reportage style, capturing those moments that you might not have noticed.

Do you provide proof online for us to choose the ones we want?
No, I think I go one better. Iíll cull the photos that donít come out, and the duplicates, and youíll get everything that is left. The quantity depends how long Iím there for, normally for a full day it averages 400-500 images.

Do you meet with us prior to the wedding to discuss our needs?
If it is a local (to Southampton) wedding then yes, it is normal to meet prior to discuss things.

How many weddings have you covered?
I need to double check my archives to be exact, but roughly 40-50 weddings.

Do you charge per hour or per photo or both?
I charge by the hour, which will be agreed beforehand.

Do you do photography of both bride and groom getting ready?
I do.

Will you do the wedding and reception?
If you would like both covered, then yes. I normally keep shooting until the first dance.

Who owns the photos you take?
Technically I retain ownership (copyright), but you have permission to use how youíd like.